Pixel Mapping

Large-Scale Video Mapping Servers for Pixel-Perfect Displays

Pixel mapping is a method that manipulates individual pixels in screens and lighting fixtures to create intricately detailed visuals. It is similar to projection mapping, except you get precise control over an element’s colour, intensity, and behaviour. You can use pixel mapping to create visually striking experiences at live events, venues, and multimedia installations. MOV has the technical specialists and the large-scale video mapping servers, which include both hardware and software, to smoothly transition your visual concept into a stunning reality.

Transform Any Surface into a Screen

Pixel mapping can convert a surface as small as a dining table or as large as a building into a canvas that displays your pictures and video. The sky’s the limit for what’s possible with pixel and projection mapping. You can wow guests at trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, and more with one-of-a-kind visuals using this technology. Pixel and projection mapping is widely used in iconic cities, like Melbourne, London, and Paris, to change the facades of entire buildings for major events. In Singapore, the famous dome at the Star Awards is created using large-scale video mapping servers. With MOV, you too can bring your wildest creative ideas to life with this innovative technology.

Seamlessly Synchronise Visuals with Audio, Lighting, and More

Our innovative pixel mapping approach goes beyond simply showing great-looking images—it is a harmonious fusion of captivating visuals, soundscapes, and lighting that work in perfect unison. We can seamlessly integrate various elements of your stage, venue, or building to create multisensory experiences that audiences will love. Immediately boost the immersive, storytelling, and branding aspects of your event with MOV’s large-scale video mapping servers.

Highly Customisable for Any Event

Whether you are planning a trade show, an art display, concert, conference, or even a private event like a wedding, we can design amazing visuals to project onto a surface of your choosing. Tailor-make a visual spectacle with us and make your event the talk of the town (and social media)!

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