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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Live Event Production Company in Singapore

Are live event production companies worth the price tag? What can they deliver that your own team cannot do on their own? Keep on reading to learn all about the various benefits a professional A/V production company can offer your plans for an amazing live event:

1. Benefit from the Expertise of Seasoned Professionals

Live event video production involves the creative and practical manipulation of various elements, including audio, video, lighting, and set design. It is different from event planning or management, which typically involves tasks such as securing the venue, hiring support staff, or registering attendees. 

While event planning is largely about project management, live event production ensures that your event is a visually stunning and impactful experience for the audience. A/V production technicians and life-style events support teams can incorporate striking effects into live events, such as showcasing pulsating lighting beams to match the bass or projecting massive screens onto buildings. Understandably, delivering on such tasks requires a unique set of technical and artistic skills that typically only A/V technicians possess. Therefore, collaborating with experienced live event production specialists will help you plan a memorable and highly successful function that stands out from the competition. 

2. Save Costs Spent on A/V Equipment

Think a curved LED display or the latest sound set would wonderfully complement your live event? High-end event production often requires state-of-the-art equipment that can make planning budgets go through the roof. You can significantly cut down on such costs by working with a live event production company. Seasoned A/V professionals often already have the latest technology at hand, eliminating the need for their clients to make new purchases. Most A/V companies offer cost-efficient packages for renting or acquiring equipment. If you are on a strict budget, some may even offer pathways to finance equipment via sponsorships. Whichever option is available, it will be considerably less costly than buying A/V gadgets at retail prices.

3. Lighten the Logistics Burden on Employees

Another major benefit of hiring a live event production company is that you can outsource many of the logistics, troubleshooting, and design aspects to a third party and reduce the workload on your employees. Event planning can be complex and stressful. It can become too much to expect employees to handle audio-video production services in addition to everything else. With A/V specialists, you can streamline the execution of stage management, talent coordination, event concept creation, and more, ensuring smooth event planning without delays.

4. Ensure Flawless Execution with Real-Time Troubleshooting

Even the most well-planned event can run into unexpected technical issues. Therefore, it is very important to stay on top of technical problems to avoid audience dissatisfaction. Specialised virtual or hybrid event production services can offer tech support for all A/V aspects, minimising the risk of IT glitches during the proceedings. More importantly, A/V specialists can be on set to troubleshoot if an issue arises during proceedings, helping your live event unfold as planned. 

5. Improve the Overall Cost-Efficiency of Hosting an Event

Professional live event production companies often offer many services for one price, including videography, stage setup, sound design, and content creation to make the event engaging and highly shareable. Acquiring such services, especially cutting-edge technologies like projection mapping, on an individual basis can be very costly. You can strike a good balance between budget and creativity when you work with experienced A/V specialists.

Call MOV for the Best Quality Live Event Production Services in Singapore

Live event video production requires meticulous attention to detail and collaboration among various professionals to create memorable and successful experiences for the target audience. MOV Pte Ltd has years of experience in delivering high-quality live experiences that meet both creative and budget deliverables for business and personal clients. Call us to learn more about our services and the expertise we can bring to your existing event planning team!

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