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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Stage Lighting for Events

Think back to the last time you saw a concert, a major holiday bash, or the Merlion Park at night. Don’t be surprised if the first thing you can recall is the lights. Dazzling, prismatic, and dynamic, lights can set the mood for any event and enhance the overall experience for the audience. Like Wendelin Van Draanen, the American author, once wrote, “Proper lighting is everything”. Here is a quick overview of the importance of event lighting and custom lighting, with a few tips for getting it right from a professional stage lighting company in Singapore. 

Stage Lighting is More Than Illumination

The primary purpose of stage lighting is, of course, to improve visibility. Strategically placing different types of lighting fixtures, such as spotlights, floodlights, wash lights, and moving lights, in a venue improves illumination for the audience to clearly see the stage, performers, speakers, or other elements. However, proper lighting goes beyond serving this simple function of visibility. You can set the mood or atmosphere, emphasise focal points, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall creative expression of your event with professional lighting techniques. With modern technologies like pixel mapping, audio-visual experts can create highly detailed lighting setups where you have control over the intensity, wavelengths, angles, and many more aspects of light to create a captivating visual aesthetic that drives audience interest. 

Improve Engagement Metrics with Custom Stage Lighting

Custom stage lighting refers to a tailored and unique lighting setup designed specifically for a particular event or venue. The professional stage lighting company you hire may use specialised lighting fixtures, control systems, and computerised programming to enhance the visual experience on stage. 

Usually, audio-video production services combine custom stage lighting with other visuals to create highly immersive and stunning settings for business or entertainment purposes. For example, professional stage lighting companies may incorporate various lighting techniques with trendy technology, like projection mapping, to create multisensory experiences audiences can virtually interact with. Audio-visual experts can also synchronise stage lighting with other elements, like music, to capture the audience’s attention. If you have been to a big concert recently, you may have noticed that sometimes the light pulses and moves with the bass. That is the magic of custom stage lighting. 

More and more brands and performers are turning to custom stage lighting for one simple reason: improved audience engagement. If you want your event to go viral on social media, leading to more clicks, shares, and conversions, then it has to be alluring. Methodically and creatively customising lighting is one of the easiest ways to reach audience engagement goals.

Custom Stage Lighting Tips from Audio-Visual Experts

Have a Plan

Modern lighting rigs use many different types of lights, categorised based on factors such as whether they can move or need to be mounted. Your budget for lighting will depend on how many different types of lights you will need and the requirements of your design and venue. Therefore, once you select a venue, come up with a plan for the visual effects you need. Doing so will minimise the risk of your event going over budget due to last-minute equipment changes.

Work with the Existing Surroundings

Professional stage lighting companies can create breathtaking visuals in most venues, but the final effects will depend on the surrounding nature. A/V professionals can manipulate light more accurately in indoor areas compared to outdoor venues. If your stage is an open arena or is partially outdoors, such as inside a tent, then it is best to work with the natural elements to create the lighting effects you want.

Mind the Weather

Weather conditions, like rain and fog, can significantly alter how the audience perceives your lighting effects. Therefore, it is advisable to have a contingency plan for inclement weather to ensure the event achieves its intended impact. Keeping everything indoors is one way to manipulate lighting without worrying about the weather. However, for outdoor venues, do take weather patterns into consideration when creating your custom lighting effects.

Save Costs with Rentals and Sponsorships

While some stage lighting fixtures are relatively inexpensive, costs can skyrocket depending on how many you need and how you plan to utilise them. One or two lines of LED fairy lights will not cost much, but a whole wall of them might make your accountant’s head spin. You can keep costs low by renting, such as with indoor & outdoor LED wall rentals, marketing sponsorships, or by working with a professional stage lighting company that already has the equipment.

Create Amazing Custom Stage Lighting Effects with MOV

Learn more about custom stage lighting with an audio-visual-lighting technical consultation with MOV, a leading A/V production specialist in Singapore. MOV can help you make any event more appealing, engaging, and with unique lighting effects sure to drive up interest on social media. Get in touch with our experts by calling +65 8298 0215 and make your event absolutely marvellous!

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