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4 Ideas for Designing Highly Immersive Events

Event production in Singapore has gone through major changes in recent years. The modern audience expects something more than just a stage with a few lighting effects. Attendees expect to be wowed in return for their time, especially when it comes to entertainment-related functions. Making your event more immersive and interactive is the most bankable method for holding the interest of your audience. Doing so will require professional help and fancy equipment, like large-scale video mapping servers. However, the investment will be well worth it for driving up engagement and conversions. Here are several tried-and-tested suggestions for making your events immersive and memorable: 

1. Create Extraordinary Visual Experiences with Projection Mapping

As the adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Rather than inundating your event with speeches and monologues, which are low drivers of engagement, use 3D projection mapping to make your function stand above the rest. Projection mapping is a trendy technology that can transform almost any surface into a screen. Using large-scale video mapping servers, A/V experts can project stunning visuals into unusual structures, such as buildings, walls, domes, and even dining tables. Major international cities, like Paris and Melbourne, use projection mapping during community events to transform entire buildings into works of art. A fine dining restaurant in the U.S. uses this technology to project a tiny chef onto the plates when customers are served food. Unlike traditional attached screens, projection mapping, and related pixel mapping, offer unique, 360-degree visual experiences that are not limited to a singular point of focus. Don’t hesitate to amaze and astound attendees—and be the talk of social media—with this remarkable technology. 

2. Alter Reality with VR and AR

You may have heard of Virtual Reality (AR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as emerging concepts in video gaming technology. It’s not just games—AR and VR are slowly transforming the event production industry. VR can enhance exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, and more allowing attendees to actively engage with the presented content. AR and VR have major benefits for both virtual and in-person attendees. Virtual attendees can experience an event as if they are there with the help of VR. For in-person attendees, AR and VR can enhance interaction. However the venue looks, you can fundamentally change how the audience views your event by creatively deploying VR and AR technologies. 

3. Synchronise Lightning with Music

High-end stage design doesn’t simply offer great lighting and music. The best event designs incorporate the two, making audiences gush in awe. Imagine a performance where the light pulsates with the bass or moves with the beat! Audio-video production services, like MOV, can help you achieve this effect by using computerised lighting consoles (or with time manipulation for the budget-conscious).

4. Make Interactive Sets with Motion-Capture Graphics

Motion-capture graphics are not limited to James Cameron movies. This technology can uniquely drive audience interaction at your event with spectacularly creative exhibits. Basically, motion-capture technology allows projected visuals to move based on audience input. Many high-end brands have deployed this technology to generate remarkable effects at corporate events. Colgate, the toothpaste maker, used this technology to create an interactive exhibit at an event in New York in 2019. Attendees were able to move pictures on a screen that showed how Colgate’s signature toothpaste kills bacteria by simply moving their hands. In 2017, the production team behind the American TV show “The Magicians” held an event for fans that included an overhead, motion-activated screen. The screen displayed the silhouettes of fans as constellations in the night sky that responded to their movements. Such astonishing experiences can leave a lasting impression and make attendees talk about your brand for years to come. 

Make Audiences Go “Ahh” with MOV’s Cutting-Edge Production Technology

Transform your event into a magical, multisensory experience with MOV, Singapore’s leading A/V production company. We are skilled in utilising technologies such as projection mapping, pixel mapping, and computer-based A/V programming to deliver highly engaging content for brands, businesses, and individual clients. We also offer cost-efficient ways to acquire expensive equipment, such as large-scale video mapping servers, for clients with budget limitations. Get in touch with us to discuss how you can make your event more immersive with our cutting-edge technology.

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